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The Art and Science of Excellence

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Motivating Clients to be their very best

RiggoursFreemind Special Offer

As many as 50 to 85% of people believe they could double their productivity “If I wanted to”………and they don’t want to.’ Public agenda surveys: Huseman and Hatfield University of Georgia School of Management

How do you get at that productivity?

Many Organisations have undertaken Process Improvement; Change Management;
Business Transformation; Quality Initiatives, IIP; Team Building; Leadership
- You may get maximum from organisation but not from individuals

The power behind a great performance
Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence; Resilience Coaching; Positive Psychology can help individuals deliver. You need the right tools for the job, the power of belief and to be driven by Values.

How can you achieve this?
Coach everyone individually?
Train everyone in NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and positive psychology?
Result: should be positive
Cost: Astronomical? OR.........

Riggours Freemind Solution
* Coach and Train the top guys
* Use Freemind with everyone

FreeMind creates automated training toolkits that combine advanced life-changing technology, inspiring psychology training and motivational music to empower people to bring the best of themselves to life.

FreeMind is a library of training and development recordings that you can download and use within minutes to improve every area of your life. The recordings are packed full of tips, techniques and specially designed inspirational music that makes these experiences engaging, exciting and incredibly powerful.

* No time out on training
* No expensive hotels and conferences
* Enjoyable and embedded in mind with music
* Reusable and memorable recordings
* Tailored and used when needed

Only RiggoursFreemind offers this unique proposition

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